• Speed Art – Flash Game Title Page Creation

    Speed Art – Flash Game Title Page Creation

    A time lapse process on how I make titlepage of a game, this time from conceptualization […]

  • Speed Art – Porkchop

    Speed Art – Porkchop

    A time lapse video of one of my work. Used in one of the mobile games […]

  • Caricature


    Some of the commissioned works I’ve done were caricatures and cartooning head. Here are some of […]

  • Character Design II

    Character Design II

    A bunch of characters I’ve made from a commissioned work. Total of 70 characters all in […]

  • Play How Smart Are You?

    Play How Smart Are You?

    Solve puzzles to discover what is happening on the deserted planet and measure your IQ by […]

  • How Smart Are You? – Art

    How Smart Are You? – Art

    I’ve made the art of this game last 2013. This is supposed to be a sequel […]

  • Play Epic Boss Fighter

    Play Epic Boss Fighter

    Earth is under threat by 10 of the most epic bosses known to mankind. And only […]

  • Epic Boss Fighter – Art

    Epic Boss Fighter – Art

    Epic Boss Fighter is a bullet hell game we’ve created early this year. So far, it […]

  • Play Splitman 2

    Play Splitman 2

    Split up so you can finish each level.

  • Play Zombies vs. Penguins

    Play Zombies vs. Penguins

    The Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon!

  • Caveman Birdminton – Art

    Caveman Birdminton – Art

    A commissioned project for a mobile game. This is a badminton type of game with a […]

  • Not In My Dungeon – Art

    Not In My Dungeon – Art

    This is a project I’m currently doing in collaboration with Darko Peninger. A Physics game with […]

  • Comic Style Intros

    Comic Style Intros

    Please check out some of the intros I’ve made using a comic style approach.

  • UI’s and buttons

    UI’s and buttons

    Some of the UI’s and buttons I’ve created for games. (click on the images to see […]

  • Running Animations

    Running Animations

    Here are some of the running/walking animations that I’ve done. Created using tweening and frame-by-frame animations.

  • Astig Games Splash Screen

    Astig Games Splash Screen

    I’ve made a splash screen for our game site, but these was never used until now. […]

  • Funky Monkey Splash Screen

    Funky Monkey Splash Screen

    A commissioned work for a client’s website.

  • Villainous Backgrounds

    Villainous Backgrounds

    One of the most successful game that I’ve been part of. Most of the art here […]

  • Random Artwork

    Random Artwork

    Some personal artwork I’ve done during my free time.

  • Character Design

    Character Design

    Here you will see some of the characters I’ve done throughout my career. Whether it’s for […]